Case Studies

CASE STUDY 07: Deliveroo

Delivery Bags

Client: Deliveroo

Provide an end to end solution for the ‘delivery to consumer’ needs of a fast-growing organisation for their online food ordering platform. The solution must strongly brand the organisation and be fit for purpose and sustainable.

QTY: 500,000


Deliveroo were having issues with their food delivery bags, as it was just a paper bag that could tear, get soiled, or be damaged due to damp, condensation from the food and drink they were transporting. This resulted in a poor delivery experience to consumers, who were less than satisfied to receive their often-high-end restaurant quality meals in this form.

Along with this, due to the increase in restaurants joining Deliveroo’s service, there was a logistical nightmare created with the distribution of the delivery bags to the volume of restaurants.


This was no ordinary task. Team Impact considered the challenges and presented them with a totally different idea, that wasn’t just ANOTHER paper bag!

We used our creative thinking and presented a waterproof, reusable, recyclable and cost-effective carry bag! It had exceptional durability, 25kg weight capacity, along with a much higher quality print, which would allow for greater brand exposure. A massive win for the client, who loved the concept.

But we didn’t stop there. We created an online inventory control portal that allowed Deliveroo restaurants to log on and order cartons of the bags to be delivered directly to their doors, eliminating all the time and effort that Deliveroo staff had previously spent.

Now over 1.5 million bags have been produced and counting, delivering to over 2,000 restaurants and food outlets in every corner of the country.

Deliveroo's Food Delivery Bag

CASE STUDY 06: McWilliam’s

Bottle Cork Stool
for Henkell’s Event

Client: McWilliam’s


Our client was seeking something to use at a specific event that looks high end but within a tight budget. The item could be cushions or decorations.

QTY: 30


Our client only wanted a small amount of product and had a budget of $200 per unit to spend on unique decoration for their Henkell Trocken Sparkling Wine event. Obviously we needed to study the brand, the bottle and the bubbly (of course) to truly understand it. It was while we were playing with the cork that we came up with the idea of a bottle cork stool. We wanted the brand to look authentic and have cut through at the event. We presented the client with some options and the idea of the logo being ‘branded’ onto the cork, they loved them, chose one style and we were away.


The stools looked sensational in the space and the client was extremely happy.
Bonus: The guests wanted to know where they could purchase the stools!

Cork Stool

CASE STUDY 05: Tyremax

ALLENS Like Lollies
for TyreMax’s

Client: TyreMax


Come up with a piece of merchandise that had high brand awareness that the resellers would love. Price must be under $2.

QTY: 10,000


Our client had been giving away shortbread for their resellers and were now wanting something fresh. They offer corporate gifts to the store managers, but this product was predominately targeting the tyre fitters and salesmen. The goal was to have TyreMax brands recommended over their competitors. Brand recall was the sole purpose, with a little fun thrown in.


We know everyone loves lollies, and we wanted to go one step further and provide the client with a unique product. Rather than the clear cello-wrap lollies with a sticker or digital print on the bag, why not create their own “ALLEN’S LIKE LOLLIES”. We designed the lolly bag to be printed with the double layer film, complete with the hole punch hang tag. We selected an Australian manufacturer for their ‘snakes’ and ‘jellies’. The bag was branded TyreMax with corporate information, website and phone number. We also included the nutritional information on each bag. They could sit on any retail shelf. Feedback has been phenomenal and the client loves them. We have produced over 50,000 so far and counting.

TyreMax's Lollies

CASE STUDY 04: Valvoline

Compressed Tee
for Valvoline’s
1st Quarter Promotion

Client: Valvoline


Create a ‘Gift with Purchase’ for a first quarter promotion. The target market was men aged 25-45 years. It needed to be a small product with perceived value and anti-theft properties were  critical for the retail environment. It was also important that the product was easy for merchandisers to transport and attach to the bottles in-store.

QTY: 60,000


Our client was presented ten ideas and the client loved the idea of a ‘COMPRESSED TEE’. We were very mindful that the client had issues with theft of previous giveaways simply ‘walking out the door’. We took that statement seriously and researched tags, anti-theft devices and other options to attach the tee to the actual Valvoline bottle. A compressed tee is not bespoke but what we used to attach the tee to the bottle was. We worked specifically with two factories, one in Canada and one in China to develop a plastic ring that would easy slip over the lid of the oil bottle but not off again. The size had to be ‘just right’ for the Valvoline bottle.


Not one compressed tee was reported stolen or missing. We see that as 100% success. The bonus was that the consumers loved the quirkiness of the tee and something to keep!

Compressed Tee


Inspector Pup
for the Brisbane
Royal Show

Client: RSPCA


Create a piece of merchandise that can retail at the Brisbane Royal Show. The piece must be identifiable with RSPCA, however it cannot resemble anything that had been done previously or was currently sold in their online store. It needed to have a perceived value of RRP$25.00 to the consumer with a minimal buy price for RSPCA as a Not-For-Profit organisation.

QTY: 2,000


We needed to design a product that would create interest and that ‘awwww’ factor, enough for consumers to spend $25 for a keepsake. We focused on the ‘inspector’ aspect and decided to create a soft toy dog complete with an inspector uniform. We selected the Alsatian breed as it represented security, monitoring and safety. Then came the fun part – dressing it up.


Impact designed and produced the RSPCA ‘INSPECTOR PUP’, complete with uniform and badges for less than $10.00. RSPCA sold the majority of the 2000 at the Ekka, with all profits going back into RSPCA Queensland.

Inspector Pup

CASE STUDY 02: Asics

Double Wine Carrier
Gift for ASICS’
Key Stake Holders

Client: ASICS


Create a bespoke Christmas gift for key stakeholders for under $10.

QTY: 500


ASICS were looking for ideas. They always give away a bottle of wine, but wanted to add a little branded ‘something’ to go with the wine. We were up for the challenge! In thinking of how we could make it unique for them, we wanted to up the ante with their gift of wine and make the gift functional and reusable  The one thing that is synonymous with their brand is their ‘cool dry’ fabric with the distinct pattern.


We hand drew a DOUBLE WINE CARRIER fashioned from their distinct running singlet. The carrier was constructed of neoprene with their ‘cool dry’ fabric as the outer. A production sample was produced and the client loved it. The finished product surprised and delighted their clients!

ASICS' Double Wine Carrier