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VAHS apparel in NAIDOC march

CASE STUDY 12: Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Branded Apparel

NAIDOC March Apparel

Client: VAHS – Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

VAHS Apparel Case Study


Supply a product the client has ordered for the last four years because the quality is great.


The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) has been an Impact client for the last four years. Their products are created and available for purchase at the NAIDOC march and pre-march festivals during NAIDOC week. They aim to create awareness and find solutions to the issues effecting indigenous people.


This year’s VAHS branded hoodies, tees and singlets carried the organisation’s health message surrounding children and second-hand smoke. The extra visibility of their message helped carry it to all those in attendance. VAHS promotional merchandise also adds to the sense of community and pride felt during the NAIDOC march and other events.


Inspector Pup
for the Brisbane
Royal Show

Client: RSPCA


Create a piece of merchandise that can retail at the Brisbane Royal Show. The piece must be identifiable with RSPCA, however it cannot resemble anything that had been done previously or was currently sold in their online store. It needed to have a perceived value of RRP$25.00 to the consumer with a minimal buy price for RSPCA as a Not-For-Profit organisation.

QTY: 2,000


We needed to design a product that would create interest and that ‘awwww’ factor, enough for consumers to spend $25 for a keepsake. We focused on the ‘inspector’ aspect and decided to create a soft toy dog complete with an inspector uniform. We selected the Alsatian breed as it represented security, monitoring and safety. Then came the fun part – dressing it up.


Impact designed and produced the RSPCA ‘INSPECTOR PUP’, complete with uniform and badges for less than $10.00. RSPCA sold the majority of the 2000 at the Ekka, with all profits going back into RSPCA Queensland.

Inspector Pup