delivery guys carry our products across the country and the world

Which couriers do you use? Impact’s go-to delivery guys

delivery guys carry our products across the country and the world

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know our couriers pretty well. We know who to pick to get your products to you on time and in good shape. We’ve got a few go-to delivery guys and we want to share why we pick them to carry your precious cargo to your door.

In our industry, we’re always organizing boxes to be carried across the country and around the world. They are inbound and outbound from our warehouse as well as direct from our factories to our clients. Often, our delivery guys will carry samples across the country for you to see and feel before you make a decision about a product.

Which of our favourites takes what delivery is mostly determined by the destination. Though the value of the product also comes into play. We know which carrier will take a large shipment across the country, or who will best handle a quick trip across town. We also can assess whether the cost of the courier is justified by the reliability and speed we require for a particular job.

This is what we’ve found from our thousands of interactions with couriers.

Booking and Tracking

Ease of tracking and booking is as important for you as it is for us. We appreciate an easily navigable booking screen and a simple link to click for tracking our shipment. What we’ve found is that Jet Couriers is very simple to book, as it does not require the level of detail others may ask for.

TNT has some very useful tracking capabilities, such as shareable links specific to your booking, and subscriptions to tracking alerts sent right to your phone through TNT SMS tracking.

Australia Post’s Star Track also makes it easy to follow the progress of a delivery with their Track and Trace tool.

We also have great relationships with numerous local and small operators who go the extra mile to help us out. These contacts excel in their customer service and satisfaction and they’re invaluable in a pinch.


Our delivery guys have to be reliable. We have to be able to depend on them to have your products to you in time for that big event or marketing deadline. Throughout our experience with them, TNT have proven their reliability. It makes sense too. They’re a big company with tight and efficient systems, and a reputation to maintain.

A late delivery is not always the carrier’s fault. Issues all along the production process can cause delays. However, our favourite couriers will smooth out those deadline stresses instead of adding to them by offering accurate and frequent tracking updates.


Based on the fact that we’re often asked ‘when will my products arrive?’ we know that swiftness of delivery is important to our clients. And of course we know who will get your products to you the quickest. Whether it’s across town, through the centre of the city or from one end of the country to the other, speed is frequently a deciding factor when we choose a courier.

TNT is quick service for longer haul deliveries, state to state. However, across the city or from one town to the next, Jet Couriers is a favourite. They can pick up at short notice and whizz across in a flash.

All this is great but there are things that can trip our guys up. For example, delivery directly to an event can cause an issue as the driver will require special access passes. Delivery to inner city offices can sometime be a hiccup as getting 20 cartons up 20 stories might be more than one driver can handle. Still, we trust our couriers to deliver the goods, your goods; quickly and reliably. Couriers are an essential part of our business and we appreciate the many kilometres they put in for us.

Which couriers do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments.

Hesta and Tasnetworks serving their communities

Giving Back: Impact Clients Serving Their Communities

Hesta and Tasnetworks serving their communities

Brand awareness, generating leads and encouraging brand loyalty are only some of what promotional products can do. When promotional products are out in the wider community, in places where great things are happening, your brand can become associated with those great things. Better still, you can make those great things happen in your community.

As Cathy Houston from Delta Marketing Group said,

‘Your company’s brand goes beyond logos, fonts, and color scheme. In fact, customers’ perception of your brand is built through every interaction they have with your business, from your website to your customer service to your building.’

Extend this to your presence in the community and the power that your brand has to build client trust becomes clear. Hesta Super Fund and TasNetworks are just two of Impact’s clients who are doing wonderful things for the people around them.


Back in 1998, the first Mother’s Day Classic was held. The goal was to raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Hesta has since become one of the foundation’s biggest donors with the event raising almost $36 million over the last 21 years.

Hesta employees across the country not only race and support their colleagues in the event, they also volunteer their time across the country to help it run smoothly.

On the day the bright purple of the Hesta brand can be seen in the sea of pink thanks to their shirts, caps, bags and other merchandise.

They have contributed great amounts in funds and resources to such an important cause. Impact have been proud to have played a small part in Hesta’s support of Mother’s Day Classic.


TasNetworks is a power supplier in our own neck of the woods. They’re working on Project Marinus – a huge step in building a more sustainable and reliable power network across the east coast of Australia. They’re also educating our children in school about electrical safety through their Bright Sparks program.

During the 45+ minute presentation, kids learn about the safe use of electricity, as well as what it takes to power their home. The aim of this program is to educate Tasmania’s next generation about the cost and effects of electricity, encouraging responsible use of our resources.

The materials used in the programs are supplied and assembled by Impact and we are very proud to be a part of keeping our children safe in the home.

Corporate social responsibility is a growing concern in our socially conscious world. Those companies who can show their clients that they genuinely care about them and the wider community step ahead of those who don’t.

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Impact builds Online Stores

How Does An Impact Online Store Work?

Impact builds Online Stores

An online store for your company where all the products have your name on them and they’re all pre-paid. Sounds great, yes? How about, each branch of your company being able to order from the store to refill their own stock and we’ll send it out to them from our warehouse. It’s a service that Impact offers to give our clients control of their promotional product stock without having to do the nitty gritty themselves.

An Impact online store is a natural progression from the warehousing service we offer (see here). It makes stock management and product distribution easy by taking the hard work off your hands.

Here’s how it works.

Initial stock order

We find that our clients will come to us for our online store capabilities. The stock that will populate the store is ordered and manufactured as usual but it is delivered to one of our warehouses. There it waits for ‘drawdown’, which is jargon for an order from the client.

There’s not a minimum amount of stock that must be ordered before an online store can be justified, however the amount that the client will pay for the service reduces as the order amount increases.

Setting up the store

An online store with Impact is fully customisable to fit the client. Colour themes, images and company information is completely up to them, as is the amount of users and the access given to each of them. All users are assigned usernames and passwords and is managed by the Impact team under the client’s direction.

We understand that some products are needed specifically for an event or should only be distributed by certain staff. Impact can set up the store to meet these needs, granting different levels of access to each user and setting up order approval processes. We can also limit the amount of stock that can be ordered at a time to save any maldistribution.

Drawdowns and delivery

When the time comes to order from the store, the user will log in, select the product and the amount required and order. The order is then sent through the store to the Impact team and the warehouse. The team double check with the warehouse that the order has been received and the stock is dispatched that day, if the order has been placed before 2pm AEST. Same-day dispatch is not guaranteed if the order is received after that time. While the storage of our clients’ stock is free, we do charge a minimal pick, pack and handling fee for every ‘drawdown’, or order placed.

Delivery to locations in metro Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia will happen next-day. Products heading to Brisbane will arrive in two days and all locations further than those will receive their order within seven days. Freight from our warehouse to the client is charged to the client at cost.

Keeping track of stock

We complete monthly stock and order reports to keep our clients in the loop of who’s ordered what and what they’ve got left. Each of our clients using this solution have their own dedicated consultant that oversees the management of the portal. A low-stock notification can be requested when the amount of a certain product dips below a predetermined quantity. There is also the ability to add items to the store whenever it is required through the usual order process.

Is it for you?

Businesses who have worked with us to create an online store have found it to be extremely helpful in managing the allocation and distribution of their promotional products between branches. Secure warehousing, national product fulfillment process, automated stock monitoring and a dedicated online store are all designed to increase efficiencies in our clients’ business.

Impact embraces innovation, not only in product offering but technological advancements. By implementing new technology through our online store, we believe we are more connected with our clients and the uniqueness it offers allows client’s full transparency of their promotional merchandise and apparel.

If an online store is something you feel could improve your business’s efficiency, let us know in the comments below or send us a message.

Impact warehousing of Promotional Products

How Does Impact Warehousing Work?

Impact warehousing of Promotional Products

Impact’s warehousing service allows clients to maintain a large stock of promotional products and distribute it as necessary. This service is handy for those with limited space for stock at their premises and works so well with an online store (see details here).

Here’s how warehousing with Impact works.

Set Up

The client will order their branded promotional products as normal and request warehousing. The products will then be shipped to one of Impact’s warehouses in Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney or New Zealand for storage.

When it is required, the client can contact one of our consultants and request the stock, either partially or the complete amount. The products are then sent to the client.

What are the costs involved?

Warehousing is free of charge in that we don’t charge for the space that the order takes up.

We do charge a minimal pick, pack and handling fee when the products are requested from the warehouse. As well as freight to the client, which is charged at cost.

When are the warehoused products delivered?

Orders are dispatched from Impact’s warehouses on the same day if they’re ordered before 2pm. Same-day dispatch is not guaranteed if the order is received after that time.

Delivery to locations in metro Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia will happen next-day. Products heading to Brisbane will arrive in two days and all locations further than those will receive the order within seven days.

What are the benefits of Impact warehousing?

Warehousing of promotional products is useful for those businesses who are tight on their own storage space. Some orders can be bulky and having access to them via a warehouse frees up the office space for more important things. Warehousing is especially helpful when stocking products for the year or upcoming events.

Other times, clients may have plenty of storage space, but the dusty or fast-paced warehouse environment is not the best solution. Impact’s off-site storage works exceptionally well to prevent spoilage and also protects office staff from any WHS issues involved when entering warehouses.

Ready access to promotional merchandise and apparel within the office environment can also lead to items ‘walking’; and at those critical times when items are needed for an event, the stock on hand can be too low for the need, creating great pressure on the responsible personnel.

Impact are well-versed in the storage of promotional products, having done it since 2001. We know what we’re doing and understand the concerns of our clients when it comes to getting their branded merchandise. We have great capacity and experience dealing with storage and delivery so our clients can be comfortable in knowing their products are safe and sound, ready to be delivered when needed.

If a warehousing solution is what you need, give us a call or comment below.

Creating custom promotional products

What Goes Into A Custom Promotional Product?

Creating custom promotional products

While you may want to read that our blood sweat and tears go into every custom promotional product, it’s more like time, care and creativity, which makes the process so much more enjoyable for us, and you.

Idea Creation

Bespoke promotional merchandise begins with a brief from you, the client, to the consultant. It will detail the budget, expected quantity, timeline and target market or event for whom or where the product will be released. Our consultants also research your brand and get a feel for what’s important to you. With this combined knowledge a creative session takes place wherein the whole team comes up with ideas, some mainstream and some way out there. When we’ve narrowed down the ideas that sit just right, we forward them to you as a creative. You pick the ones you like and request a quote, then place the order.

Order and Manufacture

Impact puts the order in to one of our factories, who then create a preproduction sample. A sample costs money for production and shipping but is absolutely worth it to guarantee you are getting the product you want exactly the way you want it. If an amendment needs to be made, here is where it happens and another sample is produced for your approval. Once you’ve approved the sample, production of the complete order begins.

It is important to note that the production timeline does not start until the sample is approved. Sample manufacture and shipping must be taken into account when you’re looking at the overall timeframe of a custom product.

Shipping and Delivery

We try to factor the price of shipping into the quote that we send you. Knowing your timeframe and budget at the beginning of the order process is very helpful as these greatly affect the way your custom product makes it to your doorstep. Our offshore factories offer air or sea shipping. Air is faster but more expensive, both in general and especially for large quantity orders. Items coming from overseas will often spend at least a week in customs and have an extra cost associated. These costs are included in the price originally quoted, so you’re not blindsided by unexpected fees.

Australian-made products do not have the issue of delay and cost at customs and when the factory is Australian, the delivery method can be chosen specifically for pricing and speed.

Our consultants have the ability to track orders and can provide updates as often as required. This is a service that we recognise as very important when quantities are large and deadlines are tight.

Shipping and Delivery


Once you’ve received your custom promotional product, Impact will send you an invoice for payment. It is due seven days after delivery. However, when an order exceeds $15,000, Impact charges a 50% deposit and 50% on delivery. This is a policy that allows us to continue ordering while items are in production.

Custom products are our passion. We love seeing fantastic ideas become reality and we work in a profession where we can create these fantastic things for people who love them as much as we do.

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