Power banks often use lithium batteries as a power source.

Don’t be shocked – Regulations for lithium ion batteries

Power banks often use lithium batteries as a power source.

Power banks and wireless phone chargers are a fantastic promotional product. They’re versatile, easily customised and so useful to your clients and potential customers. Mostly they are powered by a lithium ion (Li on) battery, between 1,000mA and 10,000mA. To help make sure that we receive quality products, the compliance standard for lithium ion batteries is high.  There are a lot of rules and regulations regarding their transport as well, because they are classified as dangerous goods when in transit.

Below is all you need to know regarding the labelling and transport regulations governing lithium ion batteries.

Why are they so regulated?

The compliance rules surrounding promotional battery packs are outlined in the Radiocommunications Labelling (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Notice 2017. We’ll call it the EMC LN.

The point of the EMC LN is to keep interference from poorly-shielded and low quality electrical devices to a minimum. These devices create ‘noise’ or static as they send and receive signals. It’s the fuzzy radio interruption or buzzing and beeping that occurs as our electronics speak to and around each other on various frequencies.

Compliance and Risk Levels

There are three levels of risk and compliance that EMC LN regulated products fall into. Each level dictates what documentation, testing and standards the supplier has to meet to be able to supply their product in Australia.

Compliance Level 1 includes low-risk devices where the battery is housed internally and must be removed for charging. Think products like battery powered toys and pocket calculators. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), where the regulations are found, gives some specific guidance regarding lithium ion battery packs. They state that if the power pack used to re-charge devices has only the battery and ‘no other electronic circuitry’ it is classified as level 1 and low-risk.

Compliance level 2, or medium-risk devices, include laptops, TVs, printers, game consoles and phone chargers, among others. Lithium ion batteries that include electronic circuitry (to control charging, for example) are considered medium-risk devices.

Compliance level 3 products are high-risk and designed to ‘intentionally generate radio-frequency (RF) energy and/or use electromagnetic radiation to treat material’. These are high-risk products and so require stricter compliance rules.

Documentation and Labelling

Lithium ion batteries, along with the other devices covered by the EMC LN must be labelled with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) unless they are low-risk. To receive the mark, the supplier has to be registered as a ‘responsible supplier’ and hold the following for each product: a report of mandatory testing, a Declaration of Conformity and an EMC label. The RCM is essential for a product to be supplied in Australia. Overseas compliance marks are not automatically valid.

All of these conditions help keep our radio-communication frequencies clear of ‘noise’. Devices free of interruption and crossed signals function properly and save us frustration. These conditions also weed out the sub-par products from ‘irresponsible’ suppliers that may malfunction, which as you’ll read below, is a big deal.

Lithium Ion Batteries in Transit

Lithium ion batteries are considered dangerous goods in transit because they have the potential to overheat, catch fire or explode. Battery fires are hard to extinguish and the fumes are toxic. This is bad in and of itself, but if you’re transporting a whole shipment of batteries, the damage done can be enormous.

There are a few different catalysts that could cause battery ignition, including:

  • Puncture
  • Short circuit
  • Overheating
  • Overcharging
  • Cell malfunction
  • Faulty manufacturing

To best control the risk of a shipment of lithium ion batteries going up in flames, and taking with them anything in their vicinity, the Australian government have labelled them Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods. With this label comes strict rules about the way they are transported.

To be shipped throughout the country, lithium ion batteries have to be protected to prevent any of the applicable catalysts above. Firstly, they cannot be packed with conductive materials. Then, unless installed in their own equipment, packaging must completely enclose each individual battery. It must have ‘strong outer packaging’ that meets the requirements of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code of Practice (ADG). And finally, lithium ion batteries must be packed in cartons weighing less than 30kg. These must be able to withstand falls of 1.2m without damage to the product or contents spillage.


Responsible suppliers should manufacture their lithium ion batteries in clean rooms. This stops tiny metallic particles from coming into contact with the battery cells. These particles can cause short circuits, resulting in overheating and subsequent battery fires. As with other products, sub-standard internal parts will also cause malfunctions- only with batteries, the parts can be microscopic.

When a supplier becomes aware that a product is faulty or unsafe, they can issue a voluntary recall of that product. If they do not, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will recommend that the relevant Commonwealth Minister issues the recall to protect people who have bought the product.

A recall involves; stopping the supply of the product, notifying the appropriate authority, warning the public of the issues with the product and then offering a fix, replacement or refund.

It’s a lot of big words and acronyms, but these regulations help to ensure that we receive quality products that are safe for use. Even though they’re promotional products, our power banks and wireless phone chargers are bound by the same regulations as those supplied in stores. Our strong relationships with local and international suppliers ensures that quality and workmanship are of the highest standard. Impact are passionate about providing high-quality products that set your brand apart.


The perfect bottle for every event or promotion

The Greatest Gulp – How to choose the perfect bottle

The perfect bottle for every event or promotion

The drink bottle is a promotional product classic. It’s versatile, inexpensive, practical and offers a good-sized print area. There are literally thousands of drink bottle designs to choose from. Then you move away from plastic and there opens up another few thousand designs in glass, aluminium and stainless steel. So how do you choose the perfect bottle for your needs? Do you close your eyes and point? Do you scroll or flip through pages and pages of product catalogues? Or do you procrastinate in the hopes that inspiration will spring upon you at the last minute?

We hope this article will give you a better idea of what you’re looking for, by discovering more about what you really want. If we can narrow down your choices, you’ve a better chance of finding the perfect bottle for your next promotional product campaign.

Plastic Fantastic

Like we said, plastic promotional drink bottle types exist in their thousands. You’ve probably received numerous just by living your life. They could have come from your school, bank, utilities supplier. You’d like to add one to your own promotional products bank. So, which one is the one.

Well, what do you need it for?

A sports bottle is the perfect option if you’re sponsoring a fun run or know that your demographic are particularly active. Sports bottles are usually 600ml and have a wide twist lid with a pop top or flip spout. They’ve got the ideal diameter to slide into the side pocket of a backpack or sports bag and will fit easily in one hand.

For general promotional use, you want your bottle to appeal to a wide range of people. Consider Tritan bottles. This kind of plastic has glass-like transparency but is impact resistant, so won’t shatter if dropped. It is also BPA free and light-weight.

Alternatively, tap into the environmentally conscious mind with the first biodegradable, BPA free, plastic drink bottle made in Australia.

Sleek and Stylish

If you’re thinking of a corporate gift or business event memento rather than a general purpose giveaway, perhaps a more streamlined drink bottle is the right one for you.

Aluminium and stainless steel vacuum bottles are very ‘in’ at the moment. Their sleek silhouette makes for a modern and unobtrusive desk accessory. They’re most often shaped like a long teardrop with a small screw-on lid. They can be powder-coated in matte or gloss for bright, lasting colour and engraved for sophisticated, long-lasting branding.

Vacuum bottles are called such in reference to air being removed from the space between the inner and outer walls. This allows less heat to escape or penetrate the liquids inside, thus keeping it hot/cold for longer.

If you’re looking for something a little softer, why not go for glass? Contemporary glass drink bottles are made from borosilicate glass that will not crack or shatter in extreme temperatures. They look great etched. Top it with a screw-on bamboo lid engraved with your logo, it could be the drink bottle of your (or better still, your client’s) dreams.

Earth Friendly

The perfect bottle for those who are passionate about protecting the environment and resource sustainability? One that is reusable. Single use plastic is not limited to light-weight shopping bags.  In 2016, Clean Up Australia reported that volunteers removed 32,294 plastic bottles, bottle caps and lids were removed from the environment. One person with a reliable, reusable drink bottle saves approximately 170 single-use drink bottles from entering landfill and the environment every year.

Aluminium and stainless steel bottles are extremely durable. Well-used metal bottles can be seen from a long way away, their colour scratched and the sides dented. They are the choice of people who know they’ll be using that bottle for years. They’ll bring it along on any adventure because it can take a beating. No matter what kind it is though, reusing a drink bottle is a matter of habit. The longer it is reused, the better it is for the environment.

Though there are so many to choose from, the perfect bottle for your brand and your message exists. Now you have a better idea about what you may be looking for, go and explore the wonderful possibilities. We know you’ll find the one you’re looking for.

If you want to know how to pick the right product, what’s trending or what would work best for B2B, check out our other blogs.

Australian-Made Promotional Products

Australian Made Promotional Products

Australian-Made Promotional Products

As an Australian, family-owned business we love to support other Australian businesses. We’re proud to be working closely with manufacturers who are creating outstanding products in Australia for national and international clients. Below are Impact’s Top 7 Australian-made promotional products perfect for branded merchandise and corporate gifts.

1. Akubra

We’ll start the list with a classic. The Akubra hat is an Australian icon designed and manufactured in Kempsey, New South Wales. Its quality and style is renowned throughout the world thanks to movies like ‘Crocodile Dundee’ and ‘The Man from Snowy River’, as well as supplying the Australian military since 1914. Stylish in a country, lifestyle or urban setting, these hats are a statement of true Australian craftsmanship. The possibility to have your brand on a real Aussie icon exists!

2. Port Crocks

Bespoke ceramic port crocks are the epitome of class. With a very high perceived value, they are sure to impress a prospective client or valued team member. They’re made in Melbourne and are a fantastic centrepiece and personalised gift for those wanting to make a lasting impact.

3. Hand-Poured Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles burn cleaner and slower than traditional candles. When they’re scent infused the smell is also clearer, making for a more efficient diffusion and evoking the senses. The products that can be personalized – custom branded and scented, are hand-poured in Perth and distributed from Sydney, guaranteeing fast national delivery for this luxury gift.

4. Socks

Socks stand out because almost every standing person is in them! More seriously, if your branding exercise is to reach a certain demographic or target market, the intended recipient is reminded very regularly of your brand, even if it is just seeing it in the drawer every day. However, if it’s a well-designed comfortable sock, like the ones from our Sydney manufacturer, a branded pair could easily become the favourite.

5. Leather Coaster

We jump on the modern-farmhouse bandwagon next, to feature an Australian leather coaster. These products look great debossed and add warmth and class to corporate spaces with their rustic aesthetic. They’re artisan-crafted and distributed from Sydney and perfect for trendy interior styling.

6. Sports Bottle

While not an immediate stand-out, this particular sports bottle is 100% Australian-made by one of Impact’s award-winning manufacturers based in Melbourne. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and provide high-quality products. Because they’re Australian-made, we always have access to the stock and can provide quick shipping.

7. Chocolates

Chocolates look stunning in the many block shapes available or in custom 2D, or even 3D, moulded shapes. The sweet treat is dressed in a custom, full-colour wrapper or printed foil and can be topped off in a branded presentation box. They look fantastic and this is all before you get to the taste! Choose milk, light or dark chocolate made in Melbourne from the finest Australian ingredients and your clients or customers will definitely take notice.

Australia produces some very special products. Those above are just some of what’s available for promotional merchandise and all made in our own back yard. You don’t have to look far for your next promotional product.

Promotional Product Impact

Which Promotional Products Have The Greatest Impact?

Promotional Product Impact

If you’re coming in fresh to the promotional product game, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety of items that are available to you. Rightly, you want to know what the most well received items are so that you can put your brand on them and have fast ROI.

According to the PPAI 2017 report, wearables (apparel and accessories) were the best-selling category with 35.8% of industry sales. Together with drinkware, pens and bags these categories made up more than half (56.4%) of all promotional product sales in 2017. Clients used these items primarily for external brand awareness and business growth with only 34% going toward employee appreciation, retention and internal events.


From these statistics it can be deduced that a walking, talking advertisement where the brand is visible on the chest/back or sleeve is the favourite among business for raising brand awareness and increasing word of mouth. Shirts have a high perceived value and the branding is not overly confined by the size of the product, making them prime real estate for advertising. They also make perfect GWPs (Gift With Purchase).


Drinkware is rising in popularity as the options become more diverse. Glass and stainless steel bottles and coffee cups are another daily-use item that have a larger space for branding. An environmentally friendly message is also delivered with brand as their reusability is a big selling point.



Pens are a promotional staple. Is it possible to have too many pens? Not only this, but they’re often passed on, whether on purpose or by forgetfulness, thus increasing the reach of the brand past the original receiver. Pens are a great swag bag filler or, given in a quality presentation box, can be a weighted corporate gift.


Bags! Another ‘can you really have too many?’ item, bags are handy for all occasions and so are often retained and reused. They’ve got great advertising space and the more quality the item, the more likely it is to spread your brand further. Totes and trade show specials are not the only options out there, though they are popular. Cooler, laptop and wine bottle bags offer a more targeted feel.

Promotional staples are tried and proven to increase brand recognition, initiate word of mouth and generate sales for the businesses they represent. Consider the ones above as well as your target market and you won’t go wrong on your next promotional product.

Promotional Products: World Trend

What’s Trending In The World Of Promotional Products? Impact’s Top 5


Promotional Products: World Trend
It can be wise to stick with promotional product staples like pens, stickers and magnets, however, sometimes it’s worth it to see what’s happening across the industry. The variety of promotional products out there is only increasing and each new item gives you a new way to present your brand to future clients or consumers.

Below are Impact’s top 5 trending promotional items.

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Corporate Gifts

Best Branded Corporate Gifts


Corporate Gifts

You’ve had a great meeting and you want to leave your hosts with something special to remember you by; something thoughtful and relevant and conveys how much their business, or future business, means to you. Or you want to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work over the year and continued company commitment. Below are Impact’s favourite corporate gifts that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Anything, as long as it’s personalised.

We love receiving things with our names on them. It gives us immediate ownership because “it’s got our name written all over it.” It shows we’ve been thought about and given something that is especially for us. Personalised items are great for employee appreciation and end-of-year gifts because it makes the individual feel special while rewarding the whole team.

The best items to personalise are mugs and drink bottles, notebooks and compendiums, and tote bags. Products that are useful and relevant to the recipient will guarantee they’ll be well received and used time and time again.

Tea infusers and tea chests

For those offices of tea connoisseurs a quality tea chest is likely to take pride of place in the lunch room. Visible to many and with great space for branding, a tea chest is customisable to and by the recipient. Fill it with a mix of favourites or leave spaces for them to include their own, this product tells your client that you care about quality and you know what they like.

Modern and stylish tea infusers are likely to appeal to clients and employees with the increase in popularity of glass drink bottles. They can be printed, etched and engraved and have a more quality feel than a plastic water bottle that can sometimes feel mass-produced and impersonal.


Yes, while they may not get the visibility of hats and pens, branded socks can be a quirky, functional gift to add to a thank-you hamper. It doesn’t even have to be on the sock itself, branded sock packaging would work just as well. Adding a pair of socks shows clients you’re willing to think outside of the box and like mum used to say, you can never have too many clean socks.

Succulents and Green Care Hampers

Clean, green and earth-friendly, succulent plants look great around the office and home. They recycle the air and improve brain function. Giving this living gift by themselves in a branded pot, or in a care hamper accompanied by seeds, a branded spray bottle and potting mix will ensure your visit is remembered. For the right client and workplace, a product that is a little bit different can have great impact.

Duffel Bags and Device Cases

Who out there has no need for a bag? Even if they don’t now, they will sooner or later and then yours will be there waiting for them to pick up. A bag never goes astray. Quality is important when gifting these as promotional products as anyone can give out a bag for any occasion. A well-made and well-placed duffel will be used consistently by one who travels frequently.

Bags are a universal necessity and as society moves further into the technological age, device cases will follow. For many, if not all, of those involved in any kind of business carrying at least a smart phone, device cases are invaluable. Quality products will determine their lasting use, as again, fantastic plastic versions abound in the promotional product world. You want yours to stand out and last, so opt for quality when wanting to make an impact on clients and employees.

After all this, it is important to remember that giving is all about the recipient, even if it is an opportunity for free marketing. The right product for the right person will always go down well. By being thoughtful about what your client’s needs are and what your employees will appreciate will guarantee positive reception and lasting use of your gift.

Duffle Bag