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Our Supply Chain

We are committed to developing and maintaining effective working relationships with our supply chain.

We believe these relationships are fundamental to improving the way we do business and ensuring our suppliers provide us with goods and services in a manner consistent with our culture and objectives.

Effective management of our supply chain enhances our long-term business performance. It enables us to identify and address environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities associated with growing our business that are beyond our operational control.

Our supply chain framework outlines six key areas:


Governance and Management - Ensuring suppliers conduct business in an honest and responsible way.


Environmental Impact - Managing environmental risks and impacts associated with supplier activities and across their supply chain.


Health, Safety and Quality - Implementing health, safety and quality standards across supplier operations.


Social Value - Engaging with communities to make positive contributions to society.


Human Rights - Respecting and promoting human rights in the workplace and our value chain.


Capability and Capacity - Ensuring suppliers have proven capability and capacity to deliver sustainable outcomes and collaborate with us on environmental, community and other initiatives.

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