About Us

Our Values

Impact is built on a strong ethos of honesty and integrity at every point of business interaction.
Our company is underpinned & strengthened by five fundamental principles: Teamwork, Honesty, Trust, Accountability & Passion.
These governing principles motivate our every engagement with clients & suppliers alike.

Our Journey

Impact is an Australian, family-owned company, established in 2001 from a business background of branding, logo enhancement and detail in the long-established fourth generation family print facility.

The foresight and commitment of Impact’s management has seen our company grow rapidly to become a national supplier, ranking among Australia’s top providers of promotional solutions to corporate Australia.

A strong eye for quality and value forms the backbone of Impact and is of paramount importance and non-negotiable to support our culture of continuous improvement.

Impact’s dedicated Consultants and Support Teams operate as one team to produce the best results for our clients at all times.

Impact has close industry ties both nationally and internationally that prove to be of exceptional value to our clients. Our industry relationships enable a broader range of options in both style and value because we can ethically source items at bulk purchasing rates through international procurement. This ensures our clients get the BEST out of their budget.

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We believe every brand is different and would love to set yours apart.