Impact Brand Guardian™

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the opportunity to upgrade our store platform to a faster, more customisable, and better connected system.

The Brand Guardian store is protected by Amazon Web Services platform security. Also, any credit card payments on the store are made through Stripe integration utilising their data security.

Yes! The login, menus, categories and checkout all work the same as they did on your existing store but with a more modern look. The user experience should feel intuitive to those who have used our previous webstore.

All existing usernames will be migrated. However, because users are able to update their passwords as they like, we’ll need to reset all passwords. The user can then change it again once they’ve logged on.

The Brand Guardian store has been built with more customisable options so we can make it look more like your brand than before. We can add category images and buttons to the home page. As well as incorporate sliding and animated banners with your choice of message for your users.

The primary benefit of the Brand Guardian store is the direct flow of data between the store and our system. There is no delay or need to “push” order and inventory information. This means that orders are processed sooner and inventory is more accurate.

Sure can! New products can be ordered the usual way. To change any product descriptions or images, just let us know the changes to be made.

As a default we will mirror the colours and style of your brand website where ever possible. If you have specific brand images you’d like as banners or button tiles on your homepage, just let us know.

If you’re new to Impact webstores and Brand Guardian™, you can find out more in our blog or on our Brand Guardian™ page.

Like to know more? Just contact the team!