Case Study 16

Educational Campaign Merchandise

Client: Choose Tap Partners

A Choose Tap Case Study


Help partners promote the Choose Tap movement in schools and communities with reusable drink bottles and merchandise.


Choose Tap is a program that supports access to free tap water with the aim of promoting healthy choices and reducing the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill. There are currently 18 local councils and water retailers partnered with Choose Tap, making a difference through community-based programs and initiatives. By promoting reusable bottles to individuals, leading in-school education activities, and increasing the number of refill stations in the area – Choose Tap is building a more sustainable future for the community.


Choose Tap initiatives are now spread across four Australian states. 1.8million people have refilled their bottles at the portable units at various events in the Yarra Valley and there are 8,400 Choose Tap water refill stations across greater Melbourne. Numerous public and in-school water fountains have been supplied in communities thanks to Choose Tap partners.

Choose Tap merchandise