Case Study 09

and Drink Bottle

Client: Burson Automotive

Burson Automotive Case Study



Locally source 1L pump bottles of high SPF sunscreen and drink bottles in time for summer. All branded with the Burson logo.


Burson Automotive views the safety of their people as a top priority even when it comes to small details like sun protection. Their order was a part of a company-wide health and safety sun smart initiative. It required the Impact team to find Australian-made products and supply them to every Burson store lunchroom in Australia. Local products were necessary so that they met Australian standards and got to each location in a timely manner.


The sunscreen and drink bottles proved to be a great help during the summer months. Staff had the necessary sun protection they needed while going about their work and were able to represent Burson while using their branded drink bottles. With custom sunscreen bottles, Burson branding was consistent in store, from front to back.