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Impact Update: Your EOFY Budget

Your EOFY Budget

EOFY can be stressful. Make every last bit of your budget work for your brand with products that connect with your audience and bring your brand to life.

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Impact Update: Your Event Merchandise

Your Event Merchandise

Your trade show and event merchandise a business card with a greater purpose. You need to make yours stand out when competing for attention at a tradeshow or exhibition. Aim for these three things and you won’t go wrong.

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Impact Update: Van Heusen

Branded Apparel - Van Heusen

Studies show that what we wear influences our self-perception, cognition and creativity. What we wear to work affects our performance based on how comfortable and confident we feel. Discover Australia’s apparel market leader, Van Heusen.

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Impact Update: The Right Product

How to Choose the Right Promotional Product

Promotional products are tangible advertising in an increasingly digitally-focused world. The right product raises brand awareness and strengthens the consumer/brand relationship. When you’re thinking of where to advertise next, the best place for your brand is in your customers’ hands, and on their arm and in their pocket. 

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Impact Update: Better Bags

Environmentally Friendly Tote Bags

While natural products seem the logical choice for ‘most environmentally friendly’, they aren’t always. Resources used in growing and manufacture of natural products can have more of an impact than those needed for the non-woven polypropylene. Which are better bags for the environment?

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Impact Update: Employee Wellness

Improve Employee Wellness

Employee wellness initiatives that actually work are intrinsic to company culture. Building an atmosphere of compassion and genuine care in the workplace and at-home workspace are essential for getting through with our health intact.

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Impact Update: Sublimation

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is just one way we bring your brand to life in meaningful moments. The process brings together technology, science and your beautiful designs to deliver fantastic full-colour, all-over branding that makes an impact.

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Impact Update: Co-Branding

Co-Branding to Build Your Brand

Give your brand a boost and consider adding co-branding to your promotional product strategy. Partner up with someone that will raise your profile and strengthen your stance on issues you feel passionate about.

The key is to first, know your target market. Next, have a clear message and, finally, choose a brand or product that makes sense.

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Impact Update: Onboarding

Onboarding - A Key Must-Win Moment for Brands

Onboarding new members and employees is a key, must-win moment for businesses. While it may not be a first impression, it could very well be the first look into the heart of the brand.

Develop more effective onboarding strategies with meaningful branded merchandise.

Learn more about how to optimise your onboarding strategy in our key moment article. Or receive the in-depth guide to each of the eight key must-win moments right to your inbox.