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Winter Apparel: Your Buying Guide

Winter Apparel: Your Buying Guide

Red winter apparel hoodie on bright colourful background.

Branded winter apparel is a perfect addition to your seasonal campaigns or calendar-based events. As explained in our branded apparel article, wearables were the most popular promotional product of 2023. And not for nothing! 

Including, but not limited to the below, winter apparel gives your brand the opportunity to add warmth to the colder months for both your audience and your teams. There are so many styles of each of these for you to choose from and every one comes with a different price tag. 

  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Beanies
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Sweaters
  • Pullovers
  • Puffer
  • Hoodies

How winter apparel is priced will determine what you can achieve with your budget. From quantities to the details of your decoration, each will influence the number on the bottom of your quote. So let’s go over what factors you need to consider…

Why is some winter apparel cheap?

Like all apparel, the quality determines the price. And vice versa.

Cheap winter apparel is usually made from inexpensive materials, such as fleece, nylon, acrylic or polyester. Also, the garment may be thinner, with fewer layers or linings.

These options are great for your budget and will work well for quick brand awareness campaigns or promotions. However, if you’re equipping your team for the winter months, or are located in a particularly cold climate, higher-quality winter apparel will make an impact on your audience.

Another consideration for promotional apparel, is the size and quality of the decoration you’re looking for.

For example, a one-colour screen print on the left chest of your promotional hoodie is an easy, low-cost option. It gets your brand out in the world on a cosy, cost-effective piece of merchandise.

Decoration pricing varies so widely depending on your requirements. That means there’s a method for everyone. How do you choose the right one for your brand?

Our printing article might help.

Why is some winter apparel expensive?

As the above describes what makes winter apparel cheap, the opposite can be applied to demonstrate what makes it expensive.

Made from high quality materials, like wool, linen, down, leather, recycled, weather-proof and tech fabrics – expensive winter wear can last longer and keep your audience warmer in the cold months. These fabrics cost more, but return more in brand perception and perceived value.

This is particularly important for your teams who are out in the field. Exposed to the elements year-round it is vital that your people are comfortable. In these cases, it’s your branded apparel that can affect the effectiveness of your teams.

This is where the quality is put to the test.

Branded winter apparel also has the opportunity for decoration types not seen in other merchandise. For example, custom jacquard patterns in knitted products, leather patches, and custom zip pulls.

Every detail accentuates your brand, but each can add to the cost of your winter apparel.

What pushes our price up?

All the extras we’ve mentioned can increase the price of your branded winter apparel. Things like the below will also add to the order total:

  • Low order quantities – bulk buying is the best way to keep the cost per unit down.
  • Multiple decoration locations – a simple embroidery on the left chest is great. You may also need us to embroider a message on the right chest; or print across the back. These subsequent decorations will increase the price.
  • Folding and poly bagging – how your apparel is presented when you open the box is important. Instead of mixing all the sizes together in a pile, we can fold and polybag the items individually. This is reflected in the pricing.
  • Multiple delivery locations – freight to one location is free. However, if you’d like us to distribute your winter apparel to multiple branches, we’ll include that in the quoted pricing.

What pushes our price down?

Keeping things simple will help you stick to your winter apparel budget.

If you only need a small, one-colour print on the back of those gloves to get your brand out there, go with it.

It’s also important to note that wardrobe basics are mostly always classics and will amplify your branding with ease. For example, your customers and clients will wear a simple, subtly branded scarf year after year, lowering your cost per impressions as its lifetime increases.

The Advertising Specialty Institute found that outerwear gains 7,856 impressions over it’s two year lifetime. This makes its cost per impression approximately half a cent.

That’s a solid statistic for the marketer in you.

Why is winter apparel essential to your brand?

Winter apparel is not just for your audience.

Cold-weather uniforms are an essential piece of your team’s kit that ensures they’re able to perform their best when the weather is the worst. There are also all the reasons we mentioned in the adjacent post.

Additionally, the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) went into depth about how branded winter apparel can benefit your brand.

“For outdoor workers, such as those in the postal, construction and forestry industries, and those who make house calls, such as service technicians and some beauticians and health-care professionals, having a first-rate jacket and matching accessories as their cold-weather uniform can help ensure that workers are able to sufficiently perform their jobs, and convey that the company cares about its workers’ health, safety and well-being.”

Even a well-timed hoodie, paired with a pair of cosy socks is enough to make a difference in your teams’ productivity and mental wellness. 

Consider a winter warmer employee pack to help them get through the darker months.

Whether you’ve got the budget to go all out next winter, or you’re keeping it tight to keep it cosy, there is a perfect piece of winter apparel for your brand. Match the product to your values and message for the biggest impact and watch how it brings your brand to life.

Our team has over 20 years of experience sourcing real products that deliver unreal results. Why not complete our Merch Matcher and let us get the process started.


Are Promotional Products Effective?

Are Promotional Products Effective?

Are promotional products effective. A retail shelf with hanging cotton tote bags and drink bottles.

Are promotional products effective? Short answer, yes! You were probably expecting that from us. But we have good reason. We’ve seen promotional products deliver huge results for our clients. You can see some of what they have achieved in our case studies. But we’ll also dive into a couple examples here, along with statistics from the Australian Promotional Product Association (APPA) and Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

TL:DR – Promotional products are an essential marketing tool for all industries. As well as being a physical representation of your brand, promotional products bring your brand to life in yours, and your audience’s meaningful moments. Which, in turn, leads to increased engagement, market share and conversions.

Who should use promotional products?

Promotional products are so versatile that almost all businesses in all industries benefit from their use. They’re just another channel to carry your branding, message, and values to your customers and prospects. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is a promotional product to fit your objectives. Here are just a few examples.

Retail and E-commerce: Promotional products can be used as freebies or incentives to encourage customers to make a purchase or to increase brand loyalty. They can also be used as part of a referral or rewards program.

Real Estate: Enhance the brand experience that leads to return clients and referrals, and strengthens your market share. As well as pens and fridge magnets, effective real estate products can include door bows and deluxe keychains presented in a walk-through video box.

Healthcare and Wellness: Healthcare providers, clinics, and wellness centers can use branded merchandise to promote their services, educate patients, and encourage positive experiences. With branded pill boxes, reminder fridge magnets or custom health journals, all their key areas are covered.

Non-profit Organisations: Promotional products that raise awareness, thank their supporters, and promote their cause are most effective for non-profits. Items like t-shirts, wristbands, or tote bags help spread the message further and engage a larger community in support of meaningful issues.

Startups and Small Businesses: Branded merchandise is a cost-effective way for startups and small businesses to increase brand visibility. Onboarding packs for new staff and clients are another way to differentiate themselves from competitors. Simultaneously building and demonstrating their brand values in the process.

Hospitality and Tourism: Brands in this industry can enhance the guest experience, promote local attractions, and encourage repeat visits with promotional products. Custom puzzles, caps and homewares are effective reminders of their experience and make great gifts, extending your brand’s reach.

Education: Universities and education providers use branded merchandise to promote community and relationships, recruit students, and reward academic achievements. Common promotional products for the education industry include hoodies, tote bags and drink bottles.

You can use promotional products or branded merchandise to hit almost any of your organizational goals. They’re the best way to increase brand awareness with 86.5% of people agreeing that promotional products are a good way to learn about new businesses in the area. But why are they so good at it?

Why are promotional products effective?

Adding your logo, values or message to a product creates a powerful tool that gives your brand dimension. What makes promotional products effective is their ability to cut through all the noise of advertising and connect with your audience. For example, APPA reports that 85.4% of people would rather receive a promotional product than a promotional e-mail. And while a freebie is always appreciated, branded merchandise does so much more for your brand.

Demonstrate brand values through actions.

As we like to say, anything with your logo on it becomes a representation of your brand. You may use a promotional product to launch a new service, reward your staff, or thank your corporate partners after a successful year. In giving a piece of branded merchandise, you are demonstrating what is important to your organisation.

Essentially, that promotional product is a physical representation of your brand values.

As such, the product you choose must align with what you stand for. Environmental and social issues, family-friendly and innovation-orientated can all be conveyed in your branded merchandise, which makes it the best billboard your customers or clients can carry with them.

Encourage reciprocation and referrals.

We’ve talked about how motivating receiving a gift is in our Gift With Purchase article. You may have read that giving your branded merchandise as gifts taps into your customers’ emotions. Namely, gratitude and appreciation.

Your branded merchandise has the power to engage and motivate customers to buy. So much so that 3 out of 4 people would likely switch brands if they received a promotional product from a brand they had not done business. After that initial purchase, your promotional products continue to work by generating a feeling of reciprocity. One good turn deserves another, so to speak. Your new customers become repeat customers and can even bring more into the fold through word of mouth referrals. 

Promotional products can help you build a community around your brand. 

Amplify your message with tactile elements.

Did you know that 83% of people are more likely to remember an experience if it involved a promotional product? While that can be because your brand is just so memorable, it might also be because of the physical product they have in their hand.

Advertisements and messaging often happen in the audio/visual. TV, radio, social media and print, for example. Promotional products are effective because they use real, tangible branded elements to carry your message.

If you want to bring attention to single-use plastics, branded silicone straws and stainless steel drink bottles make your message so much clearer. Similarly, an on-brand onboarding pack with all the first day essentials demonstrates the welcome you and your team give your new hire.

“Making promotional products work for your brand is a matter of using the right product at the right time.”

When are promotional products most effective?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in similar key moments. These moments may vary across industries, however we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

You may find that your brand’s focus is just one of these. Or maybe your brand finds the most success in three, or five, or all of them. Which ever it is, the key moment is when your brand has the most impact for your customers or clients – when your message is the most powerful. 

  • Events and trade shows: Attract attention, engage with attendees, demonstrate your unique selling point and leave lasting impressions at scale. 90% of consumers believe receiving a promotional product makes event experiences more enjoyable.
  • Campaigns and promotions: Add real world elements to your above-the-line campaigns.
  • Point of sale presence: Ensure that you’re seen when it really matters.
  • Gift with purchase: Increase conversions, engagement and even upsell to get the most out of your merchandise.
  • Educational campaigns: Gain and hold the attention that inspires action and benefits the whole community.
  • Onboarding: Make the right first impression for members and employees that sets them, and your brand up for success.
  • Rewards: Celebrate your members’ and employees’ key moments. 62% of employees feel appreciated when they receive a promotional product from their employer.
  • Calendar-based events: Make an impact on the dates that mean the most to your audience.

We’ve created an eight-email series that describes each of the key moments in detail, including real-world applications and product inspiration. After the eight days, you’ll be fully equipped to reinvent your marketing strategy to bring your brand to life in the moments that mean the most to your organisation, and your audience.

What are the most effective promotional products?

Branded merchandise that drives your audience to action has done its job. In the case of the Guzman y Gomez socks, a new design each year is enough to get their social-media followers to order via delivery service. And in 2023, they’ll be downloading the GyG app to spend their money there and receive a pair with the latest design.

Guzman y Gomez socks promo image.

However, your promotional product’s effectiveness also depends on its quality and relevance to your audience. Did you know that 59% of consumers agree that the product’s quality is more important that the quantity they receive?

Cheap and cheerful merchandise like silicone wristbands and novelty pens are a great way to get attention and convey your brand’s sense of fun. They’re the right products at family events or in your education campaign, for example. However, co-branded tech items or luxury drinkware make more sense for your executive gifts and internal team rewards. 

Our client, Aston Advantage, gives away a sturdy cooler bag to each of their mining trade candidates. This particular product has the quality to withstand harsh job site conditions and is the perfect thing to equip their clients with for their new workplace. Its quality and clear relevance to their clients demonstrates how well Aston Advantage know and understand their clients’ needs. Which, of course, is another key benefit of effective promotional products.

Promotional products are an effective marketing tool for all industries. The right branded merchandise will demonstrate your brand values and create on-brand experiences both externally and internally. Make it quality and relevant to your audience and you’ll have a product that attracts attention and leaves lasting impressions. 

Do you need help finding the perfect product? Try our Merch Matcher below, or contact our team today.


Calendar-Based Events: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Calendar-Based Events:
Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Calendar-based events shown as wall calendars and a pencil on a blue background.

Generating consistent interest in your brand over the whole year is a mission. You may be fighting gaps in your marketing calendar or industry seasonality. Leveraging the holidays and seasons significant to your brand and audience is the key to making timely, consistent impact that carries your brand further. Calendar-based events are an opportunity to bring your brand to life in meaningful moments throughout the year.

Below, you’ll uncover how to use calendar-based events and promotional products to deliver unreal results for your brand – and win this key moment.

What are Calendar-Based Events?

Calendar-based events are the common holidays and seasons that are relevant to your brand.

Universal seasons, like spring and summer; and dates celebrated on a global scale, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, can be leveraged to focus your marketing efforts. Alternatively, marketing toward other common dates, such as International Women’s Day and Clean Up Australia day can help you connect with your customers and clients based on your shared values.

“There are endless #World, #International and #National holidays, and awareness days, weeks and months, which all present great marketing opportunities for businesses in any industry. Taking advantage of these milestone dates can lead to increased customer interaction, lead generation and brand awareness.”

Deciding what calendar-based events are relevant to your brand and your audience is the first step to creating an effective marketing calendar. You should include your own brand milestones and consider any dates that help to counteract seasonality in your industry.

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, however we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Calendar-Based Events
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Rewards

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. Or maybe your brand finds the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why are calendar-based events one of the key must-win moments?

Have you ever needed to create content to fill a gap in your social media schedule? Or needed a blog that would relate to a large audience? Searching for “International Day of…” can be a lifesaver when the creative juices just aren’t flowing. This is because calendar-based events provide a wealth of content creation opportunities.

Blog posts, social media content, videos, or infographics around these events are a creative way to educate, entertain, or inspire your brand’s audience – and stay top-of-mind for customers.

Ultimately, calendar-based events give you a strategic framework to plan on-brand marketing activities, engage with customers, and drive business growth. By leveraging these events, you have a perpetual schedule that helps you stay relevant, increase visibility, and create meaningful connections with your customers and clients.

So how do you get the most out of your calendar-based events?

There’s one way that we know.

“During seasonal transitions or the holidays, seasonal marketing creates a unique feeling of excitement and fear of missing out for customers worldwide, leading to encouraging actions, like purchases.”

How to boost your calendar-based events with promotional products.

Find customer-brand alignment

Calendar-based events provide your brand with opportunities to align your marketing efforts with specific dates or seasons relevant to your target audience. For example, Boxing Day, Mother’s Day or International Literacy Day may be important dates for your customers. By engaging meaningfully with them around these events, you can create timely and relevant marketing campaigns that resonate.

Top these campaigns off with creative branded merchandise to facilitate lasting connections that increase brand loyalty. You might consider giving away a natural product pamper pack to your contacts in the education industry for International Teacher’s Day. Or perhaps you’d add a free full-colour neck gaiter or cooling bandana into your fitness club membership for National Hiking Day.

On-brand promotional products amplify your brand values and communicate them to your customers. By showing that you understand the dates significant to them, you demonstrate compatibility that results in greater conversion and target market engagement.

Make it limited edition

Calendar-based events create a sense of urgency. Optimise that with limited edition branded merchandise. When customers know that a product is only available for a limited time or in limited quantities, it heightens FOMO. Which, in turn, drives customers to make a purchase quickly before the product is no longer available. Additionally, putting a limit on products also raises its perceived value. When something isn’t easily accessible to everyone, it’s exclusive and special, leading your customers to pay more for it.

Your limited-edition merchandise could include premium cocktail sets for the festive season, or a full-colour sublimated shirt to commemorate the key day.

Apparel – like these hoodies we created for the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service NAIDOC Week march – makes for effective calendar-based event merchandise. Their low cost is budget friendly, and they are highly repeatable. Change the design each year and you could build a fan-base who engage with you each year just to get the whole set.

Conversely, limited edition promotional products can also serve as a way for you to test new product concepts without committing to a full-scale incorporation right away. By releasing stock in a limited quantity around your calendar-based events, you can gauge customer interest and gather feedback before deciding whether to add the merch into your general product offering.

Create on-brand experiences.

Think of brands like Harrods or Coca-Cola around Christmas, Starbucks in autumn, and Meat and Livestock Australia (or more specifically, lamb) on Australia Day. These brands have created a distinct, traditional feeling that has become synonymous with the season. To the point where they suggest that you cannot have a true “insert holiday or season” without their product.

Such is the strength of their branded experience.

Your give-aways, rewards or point-of-sale products should be what your audience look out for when the season rolls around. Because with your brand, their calendar-based event will be all that it should be.

Again, wearables are very effective when you want your clients and customers to make memories that include your brand. In our article about branded apparel, we explain more about how clothing and accessories act as mementos of significant events.

Does anyone you know have a Christmas shirt? Or their favourite hat to wear while they barbeque on ANZAC day? Your promotional products may not always look like much on their own, but they take on more meaning when they’re used to participate in the activities that your audience enjoy on these key dates. Creating positive branded experiences.

Employing creative promotional products for use in calendar-based events gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers in a more effective way. You can supplement your interactive campaigns, contests, or special event offers with merch that encourages your customers to participate and interact with your brand. This engagement fosters a sense of community that translates to greater conversion and brand loyalty.

Forbes has compiled some advice about how to leverage holidays in your marketing.

And you can read about how calendar-based events can impact the timeliness of your promotional products in this article, and make sure you don’t get caught out next season.


Rewards: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Rewards: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Two hands hold rewards trophies on a red background

How does your brand acknowledge an individual’s exceptional effort? Do your members feel like their milestones are important? A strong rewards program turns customers and employees into brand advocates. Not only this, but customer acquisition, talent recruitment, competition cut-through and staff retention are all impacted by your rewards program.

You need to keep your rewards program fresh and exciting. All while tailoring your approach to your brand and the individuals that make it successful.

Below, you’ll find out why rewards are important for your brand. As well as how to win this key must-win moment with creative branded merchandise that brings your brand to life.

What are Rewards?

Milestones and achievements that drive your business forward need to be recognised!

Rewards are about celebrating your members’ and employees’ key moments. There are many ways to incorporate rewards into your business.

Whether it’s through a loyalty program for customers, tracking team goals or member perks, rewards are an opportunity to express your brand’s appreciation for continued support, advocacy and a job well done. 

Acknowledging the achievements of your team goes a long way toward theirs, and your brand’s future performance as well.

“According to the 2015 Employee Recognition Report by the Society for Human Resource Management and Globoforce, values-based employee recognition significantly contributes to bottom-line organizational metrics and helps create a stronger culture and more human workplace.”

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Rewards
  • Onboarding
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. On the other hand, your brand might find the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why are rewards one of the key, must-win moments?

Rewarding employees and customers is essential for building strong relationships, fostering loyalty, and driving business growth. After all, achieving your brand objectives could not be possible without the people that make it happen.

An effective rewards program creates a win-win situation where employees and customers feel valued and appreciated, leading to long-term success for the organisation. As a brand, you want to reward the behaviours that drive your business forward, both internally and externally. Those behaviours could be long-term membership, repeat purchases, long service within the company, outstanding sales numbers or implementing game-changing processes. Rewards help you incentivise personal and professional growth that benefits the whole organisation.

On the other hand, rewards offer your customers and members another positive brand experience.

So how do you win this moment and make it key for your brand? There’s one way that we know.

 “Each reward is an opportunity for customers to get excited and share their experiences with friends, family and social media followers.”

– Zsuzsa Kecsmar

How to improve your rewards with promotional products.

Make it memorable

When employees receive branded merchandise as rewards, it creates a sense of pride and belonging in your organisation. It also serves as a tangible reminder of their achievements and can help foster a positive brand culture. Your rewards should be a memento of their accomplishment or a token to commemorate a membership milestone.

Lapel pins are a classic place to start. Keep it simple with your logo or exclusive achievement design; or add colour with vibrant enamel filling. These small gifts are symbol of excellence and are a subtle way your customers, members or employees can display their accomplishments…without being too braggy.

It can be tempting to buy your rewards in bulk. You’ll get a better price per unit. However, it is important to consider your audience’s preferences and interests when choosing branded merchandise as rewards.

The more personal, the more meaningful and the more your reward will be appreciated. Try rewarding your team with something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Like a mixologist’s cocktail set, or a nostalgic backyard cricket set for their whole family to enjoy.

Consider co-branding

Adding another name to your merch is an opportunity to borrow credibility. We broke it down in detail in our Co-Branding blog. One of the key takeaways we describe is how the weight of the product’s well-known brand flows on to yours. If your team knows the brand well and enjoys their products, you already know that your reward will be well-received and valued.

Camelbak drinkware is an easily identifiable brand in the drinkware space. For the adventurous among your members, adding a co-branded Camelbak drink bottle or tumbler to your rewards would easily provide incentive to reach higher and hit targets.

Moleskine has a long history of quality journals and are synonymous with bringing ideas into reality. Their durable covers and cream pages will capture the imagination of all the creatives in your team. Not to mention how printing your brand right there next to Moleskine will raise your profile and separate you from other brands.

Finally, Skullcandy has the reputation of delivering modern, music-driven and experience-orientated personal sound solutions. For the musos on your team and client list, these headphones, branded with your logo are a great motivator.

Just remember to make sure that your values align. As we said in the above blog, “aligning with a brand with clear values and a stance on social issues can change the way your audience views your brand.” Be sure that it is for the better.

Create on-brand experiences

Thoughtful rewards, gifts to celebrate a job well done, show just as much of yourself as it does of the recipient. Inject your brand into your rewards with gifts that reflect your values, like the ones above. Then make it a big deal.

Half the excitement of rewards comes from the hype around the achievement. Being clearly on-brand in these moments creates meaningful connections. So, include your branding in the details of your rewards.

You may send a branded gift box filled with goodies in the mail to reach your outstanding individuals at home.

Alternatively, you could pull the team together for a couple of minutes in the designated, branded up, rewards area.

For the achievements that made the most impact on your business, you should go all out. Host a rewards night and kit the place out in your brand.

Make sure your team feel the extent of your appreciation and celebrate your great company culture together.

Rewards are a tool your brand needs to incentivise engagement both internally and externally. Staying on-brand with what you give to your high achievers increases positive brand perception, brand loyalty and can set you apart from competitors. Look after the people who support your brand and celebrate your wins together.

 For some more reward program inspiration, have a read of this article by Entreprenuer. We really enjoyed it!


Onboarding: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Onboarding: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Colourful sticky notes saying "Welcome to the team" on a pin board to represent company onboarding

According to Harvard Business Review, 88% of employees feel that their organisation’s onboarding practices could be improved. Meanwhile, in the member organisation realm, almost half of surveyed individual member organisations are losing 40% of their first-year members. Appropriate onboarding saves money in recruitment and productivity. So, it is worth it to invest in strategies that make your new members and employees feel appreciated, welcome and prepared.

Branded merchandise is the perfect accompaniment to your onboarding strategy. Below, we’ll show you how to incorporate real products into your onboarding practices to make the best first, and lasting impression.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is how you introduce new employees and members to your brand. For employees, onboarding processes introduce their new workplace and teammates, and familiarise them with brand policies, processes and the work they’ll be performing.

Essentially, thoughtful and thorough onboarding demonstrates your brand’s commitment to your employee’s success.

In the same vein, effective onboarding of members new to your association demonstrates your commitment to providing the most value for their membership. As your members are orientated to your organisation, its processes and benefits, they should receive insights into your brand identity. Familiarity and trust then leads to a longer-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

“A strong start gives you an advantage in facilitating long-term happiness and success as part of your community... How you welcome new members to your association sets the tone for their overall membership experience, so don’t neglect this important part of the process.”

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Onboarding
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. On the other hand, your brand might find the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why is onboarding one of the key, must-win moments?

You know that first impressions are incredibly important. While onboarding is not the first time your employees or members encounter your brand, it is their first look behind the curtain. As such, onboarding sets the tone for their entire experience. How they’re onboarded influences their perception of your brand.

Effective onboarding also helps your members understand the value and benefits of your brand. It ensures they have a smooth transition into accessing your services, reducing the likelihood of confusion or frustration. This, in turn, increases member retention and engagement, as they are more likely to continue using your service or participating in association activities.

Joining your team or community is a critical moment. You can improve your onboarding and win this key moment with the help of branded merchandise. Below are some examples.

“Organizations with strong onboarding practices improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%.”

Rebecca Zucker

Harvard Business Review

How to enhance your onboarding with promotional products.

Equip your team

When your new hires start it’s likely that they’re not starting fully equipped. Whether they’ve been in a similar role or not, they’ll need to be completely set up to make them feel comfortable and prepared. Promotional products, or branded merchandise can help them feel like part of the team.

A uniform is the first thing you might think of. You can read about uniforms and branded apparel in another blog, but the idea is that everyone on your team is on-brand. Uniforms, or any branded apparel, facilitate that feeling of belonging.

Backpacks are another common onboarding product. They’re functional and diverse, with styles and features useful to any industry. If your new starters are commuters, a backpack with hi-vis elements or anti-theft functions would be a great onboarding gift. Equipment that makes their work-life easier is a great place to start with onboarding products.

Mugs, mouse mats, notebooks and pens are other common onboarding products. They can be used on site and in the home-office. But if you’re looking for something more functional, or more unique, consider a branded laptop stand or wireless charging desk clock.

Welcome your members

Show your new members that they’ve made the right choice. Firstly, by thanking them. Promotional products make great thank you gifts. Exclusive gifts, just for new members, makes your promotional products even more desirable. For premium sign-ups, you might like to give them beautiful, branded glassware that they can’t get anywhere else.

Secondly, your onboarding goal might be to add value to new memberships. Not only will you be making your services available, but your members will also be rewarded for signing up. Sweeten the deal with bonus merch to increase member satisfaction and engagement. This type of onboarding pack would include fun and functional products like stress items, stationery and tech products.

Finally, what’s a warm welcome without an introduction? Facilitating a community is a key method to increasing initial engagement that leads to future engagement. As stated above, uniforms are a great way to create a team. Matching t-shirts are the equivalent in a member organisation environment. They don’t need to be wearing them at the same time, or even in the same place. Just knowing that others have received the same helps to build a community that your new members are a now a part of.

Create on-brand experiences.

Whatever your onboarding goals, aligning with your brand identity is key. So what is on-brand for your business? Are you fostering a “family feel”? Or perhaps a professional network niche? You can show more of your brand personality through the welcome gifts and branded start-up packs you give.

Is your brand about warmth and building relationships? You could be the grandma that sends socks through the mail.

Or the trusted advisor that forsees any issue and always has the just the thing. For your new hybrid worker, it’s a multi-device charging dock.

Finally, your brand might be the industry leader who understands members’ needs and fills them with custom, industry specific merchandise.

Whatever your brand, promotional products can amplify who you are. They’re tools to enable on-brand interactions and create memorable experiences in your key moments.

Onboarding can be done better. Welcoming people into your brand is a key moment. It should give them everything they need to be successful. Whether that’s knowledge of your processes and systems, an introduction to their new support network or the equipment that can make their work-life more enjoyable. It should also reflect who you are and how much you appreciate the individual investing their time and energy with you. You can express your thanks and provide more value with promotional products.   

For more insights, have a look at a few of the articles below.

Three Ways to Leverage Your Branded Merchandise to Support Hybrid Employees – Forbes

Onboarding Best Practices – Forbes


Educational Campaigns: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Educational Campaigns:
Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

educational campaigns represented with community, recycling and health icons.

Educational campaigns can be hard to get right. Making people care about your message, cause or issue is tough. Especially when you are trying to change behaviours. However, when effective, educational campaigns leave powerful lasting impressions that make individuals, communities and the environment better. If yours is a socially minded brand, educational campaigns are part of your marketing efforts.

So, how do you ensure yours are as effective as possible? Below, we’ll show you why educational campaigns are a key moment for your brand. As well as how to make sure they’re hitting the mark and making a difference.

What are Educational Campaigns?

Also known as social marketing, educational campaigns use marketing principles and techniques to influence and motivate people to adopt positive behaviors that benefit the community and the greater population. Essentially, it’s about brands using marketing strategies to bring about positive and lasting social change.

Effective educational campaigns create an emotional connection between your brand and community. This is great for business, but the goal is to benefit those in your sphere of influence. That might be through encouraging a change in behaviour for safety or better health, inspiring them to take specific actions to protect the environment, or making them aware of social issues that impact them.   

 “At the heart of social marketing efforts is enhancing the quality of life of individuals, communities and societies as a whole.” *

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Educational Campaigns
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Onboarding
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. On the other hand, your brand might find the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why are educational campaigns one of the key, must-win moments?

Educational campaigns are an opportunity for brands to firstly, create better outcomes for their audience. These are essential moments for not-for-profit and health organisations where health-centred campaigns make a big difference to their service clients and community. Anti-smoking campaigns or targeted messaging that encouraging regular dental check-ups and an example.

Secondly, organisations can use educational campaigns to further- and rally support for their cause. Many brands are focused on lessening their environmental impact. You may use social marketing to demonstrate your commitment to making environmentally friendly changes while motivating others to follow suit. This approach builds your brand’s credibility and fosters trust between you and your customers.

Finally, educational campaigns position your brand as a change-maker. That is, change for the better. On an individual level, your social marketing empowers your customers, clients and audience with the knowledge, the support and the tools to be part of the change that improves their community and environment.

So how do you make sure your educational campaign is a success? There’s one way that we know.

“Realising that factors in the broader environment influence people’s motivation, opportunity and ability (MOA) to adopt a desired behaviour, a social marketing approach works with participants and change agents in ways that improve peoples’ quality of life and enhance society as a whole.”

How to boost your educational campaigns with promotional products.

Drive your message home

The location of your message is critical for its effectiveness. If your audience can’t see it, how are they supposed to take it in and act on it? As a marketer, you are aware that the home is an important environment for your message. This is because your audience is guaranteed to encounter your educational campaign’s message if it is inside their home. They’re more likely to interact with it and consider its value when they are exposed to it in their place of residence.

Promotional products that are useful in the home give your educational campaigns greater visibility. Did you know that 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen? 81% even have two! This is where your clients and customers spend an average of three to five hours a day. Branded merchandise, such as magnets, mugs and medication organisers are prime opportunities to make your social marketing message visible.

Make change accessible

Your branded merchandise can actually be the vehicle to enable change! Take our client, Yarra Valley Water for example. With the help of branded reusable drink bottles, they and other Choose Tap partners have reduced the number of single-use plastic water bottles that end up in their local environment.

Being committed to the cause means investing in the systems and tools that make positive changes easy, or even possible. For some, this means the changes you envision may be out of reach due to cost or circumstance. Giving promotional products in your social marketing campaign can be just the thing your audience needs to get on board and start their journey to better health or social responsibility.

Consider the impact of your branded reusable silicon straw set in your campaign against single-use plastics. Or perhaps your informational meal portion plates in your food education campaign. Finally, using your branded three minute shower-timer could mean your audience uses 36 litres of water instead of 150 litres. Isn’t that a spectacular outcome for your water use educational campaign?

Create on-brand experiences.

As always, creating experiences where your clients and customers can connect with your organisation is the key to winning your branded moment. For educational campaigns, that connection is what will inspire your audience to be part of the change your are working towards.

When it comes to your on-brand experience, make it positive and impactful. One way of doing this is to tap into the emotion you want to elicit. If ‘Inspired’ is what you want your audience to feel, you can remind them that small, every day victories can make big change feel possible. Reinforce this idea with a small promotional product that start them on their journey toward big change.

Alternatively, you may want your audience to feel empowered. You can achieve this with an information and merch pack that helps them understand your message and share the message in their social circles.

Effective educational campaigns help your customers and client understand the importance of your message and believe in your cause. Adding real-world products to your campaign can even enable them to make the changes that you’re advocating for. Whether the goal is a healthier lifestyle, safer community or greater environmental consideration, your organisation can use promotional products to improve your social marketing efforts.  


Lee, N. R., & Kotler, P. (2015). Social marketing: Changing behaviors for good (5th Ed.). SAGE Publications.


Gifts With Purchase: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Gifts With Purchase:
Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Kraft paper gift bags on a marble bench representing gifts with purchase.

Gifts with purchase are a common marketing strategy and key branded moment for many businesses. Employed across many industries, they are an effective way to connect with your clients and customers. And why not? Who doesn’t love getting something extra when purchasing a product they already wanted?

Below, you’ll find out how to increase your gifts with purchase conversion and turn one-time buyers into brand advocates with the power of promotional products. 

What are gifts with purchase?

Gifts with purchase are as the name suggests. That is, they are a bonus item given to your customer when they make a purchase. The gift could be tied to the product they purchase, for example, or given for purchases over a specified amount. On the other hand, the gift could be a limited time promotion tied to all purchases during the promotion period.

As a marketing strategy, a gift with purchase campaign has a range of brand benefits. Firstly, they incentivise purchases. Secondly, they build customer loyalty and show appreciation through rewarding repeat customers. Thirdly, you can increase the perceived value of the customer’s purchase. And finally, you attract new customers who are willing to make the switch for that little something extra

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, however we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Gift With Purchase
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. Or maybe your brand finds the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why is gifts with purchase one of the key, must-win moments?

Like a powerful point of sale presence, gifts with purchase enhance your brand appeal at the critical decision-making moment. For many brands, gifts with purchase can be the difference between a sale and a loss to their competitors. Hence, offering a high-quality, unique or personalized gift with purchase creates differentiation. More importantly, that differentiation encourages repeat purchases resulting in greater brand loyalty and market share.

Additionally, customers who have received a gift with their purchase are more likely to spend more with that brand. Afterpay conducted a customer survey in June 2022 that shows encouraging statistics. After surveying over 1,100 consumers, in Australia and New Zealand, they found that 67% want to receive a gift with purchase. Even better, 85% are willing to spend up to $250 to receive that gift with purchase.

So, gifts with purchase are an essential part of your marketing strategy. How, then, do you make sure they hit the mark and therefore create meaningful on-brand experiences?

How to win your gifts with purchase campaign with promotional products.

Share the appreciation

Forbes reports that the number one reason customers switch brands is because they feel underappreciated. That being said, while your gifts with purchase goals may be more sales-related, a happy follow on is that your customers feel like you care. From a marketing perspective, your sales rate increases, but from a customer care perspective, customers feel like they’re seen and appreciated. Particularly if your gift is branded and on-brand. That is, it brings your brand to life for the customer.

“Gift with purchase is especially effective because it feels nice for the customer and can appear to be a reward for their loyalty.”

The most effective gift with purchase campaigns offer high value gifts that complement and align with your brand. However, understanding what your clients like and appreciate is key. For example, a gift with purchase campaign offering a slow seller as a gift does not have the same incentive as a custom-branded product that complements their purchase. This is because customers don’t like the slow seller as much as the product they’ve set out to buy. Therefore, an effective gift is one that enhances their purchased product, making it all the more appealing.

Promotional products like laptop sleeves and tech pouches, caps and apparel accessories, and stand-out stationery can be the ideal gift with purchase depending on your industry and product or service offering. The point is to be on-brand and appreciate your customers by adding extra value to their buy.

Gift lasting impressions

Branded gifts for your gift with purchase campaign ensures that your organisation is remembered long after the purchase. Useful products, like drink bottles, duffle bags, key chains and coffee mugs are constant reminders of you, your generosity and their positive on-brand experience.

Promotional products do their best work in the hands of your prospective clients. In other words, branded merchandise generates more impressions out in the world. Rather than in your storeroom or in the box under your desk.

With every use your customers and prospects flash your brand. As a result, brand awareness increases among more of your target audience and creates curiosity. These micro-impressions build on each other until those prospects research, interact with and engage with your organisation.

Create on-brand experiences.

Gifts with purchase are a unique opportunity for your brand to generate an emotional connection with your customers and clients. As mentioned, your gift should be chosen to align with your brand’s image and values. Then, by giving away a product related to your core offerings, you reinforce your brand identity and create an emotional association with your customers. This association strengthens the relationship and makes your customers feel connected to your brand on a more meaningful level.

Giving gifts is a strategy to create branded, personal experiences. We know that people connect with people. It is the act of giving that helps brands be perceived on a personal level and connect with their customers’ emotions. Promotional gifts with purchase are a vehicle to drive emotional connection. Consequently, what that product is depends on your brand values and identity and aligns with your customers’ values.

“When companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge…Given the enormous opportunity to create new value, companies should pursue emotional connections as a science—and a strategy.”

Gift with purchase campaigns are not just about handing out a freebie; they tap into the powerful realm of emotions. By adding that little extra value to your customer’s purchase, your brand fosters appreciation, expands its reach and deepens relationships. Connecting with customers on an emotional level makes them feel valued and part of their brand family. That connection will help them to choose your brand over competitors at the key must-win moment.


Events and Trade Shows: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Events and Trade Shows:
Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments for Brands

Events and trade shows name badges on a table

Brands, whether big or small, are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to showcase their products or services. Digital marketing may have taken center stage in recent years, however, the face-to-face interactions and immersive experiences of events and trade shows must remain an integral part of your marketing strategy. That’s where events and trade shows come into play.

Let’s dive into how industry events can benefit your brand and how you can make the most out of this must-win moment. 

What are events and trade shows?

Events and trade shows provide a unique opportunity for your brand to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. By encouraging that step away from the screen to engage with real people, you can create memorable experiences that stick in the minds of attendees. Additionally, you will also develop a better understanding of your audience’s wants and needs.

From innovative booth designs and captivating product demonstrations to interactive games and giveaways, events and trade shows offer a platform to showcase your brand personality – resulting in a stronger connection between your brand and your target audience.

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. On the other hand, your brand might find the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why are events and trade shows one of the key, must-win moments?

Events and trade shows are firstly, a unique opportunity to generate leads and drive sales. Attendees at these events are often actively seeking new products or services, making it easier for you to target your ideal customer. Consequently, by collecting contact information, offering exclusive discounts or incentives, and following up with personalised communication, your team can convert qualified leads into buying customers.

Secondly, the face-to-face nature of these events allows your brand to establish trust and build relationships, resulting in customers with longevity that evolve into brand advocates.

Finally, events and trade shows provide an opportunity to learn from your competitors. Your event team may observe how other brands position themselves, which strategies they employ, and understand how customers respond. This information provides you with valuable insights into industry trends. Subsequently, you can make informed decisions about your own marketing efforts.

Create epic events and trade shows with promotional products.

Be helpful

For maximum return on investment, you are expecting high traffic, high engagement at events and trade shows. This means that you’ll need a good stock of promotional merchandise to pass on. For large scale events, you need high quantities of low cost “swag” that your prospects can take with them. Things like pens, tote bags and notepads are the most common. They’re popular because they are practical. Their use makes them last longer than a phone number on a business card.

However, it is critical to choose your products carefully. You must keep in mind that anything with your logo represents you brand and should not be perceived as tat.

The way to increase perceived value? Solve a problem. Products that relieve your prospects’ pain points will always be well-received. If they can continue making their lives easier long after the event is over, that’s even better. You can read about how to choose the perfect pen or the best environmentally friendly tote bag in our other articles.

Be desirable

On the other hand, a low quantity of promotional products with a high perceived value can be just as effective. These products work to draw attendees closer to engage with your booth. They encourage passersby to talk to your team and see what they need to do to get one of your high value giveaways.

As mentioned above, one of the beauties of promotional products is that they have a life beyond the event or trade show. When attendees take your items home or to their workplace after the event, they continue to be exposed to your brand. Your products extend the reach of your marketing efforts, sparking conversations with more potential customers who may not have attended the event – who’ll also want to know how to get their hands on your merch.

Co-branded products are effective high-percieved value giveaways for your trade show booth. We talk about co-branding as a promotional product strategy in this blog. But the short version is that your branded partner lends credibility to your own brand and allows you access to their existing customer base. Think of quality product brands like Yeti, Skullcandy, Moleskine and Titleist.  

Create on-brand experiences.

Interactive displays create memorable on-brand experiences. At a trade show or an event, using experiences to convey your brand is key to creating a meaningful moment. Impact client, Allegion included a prize spinner to their industry trade show experience and offered exclusive giveaways as prizes. You can read about their success in our case study. The interactivity and click of the spinner wheel made for a memorable moment that increased engagement and brand recall.

Setting your brand apart in a room full of your competitors is a challenge almost exclusive to events and trade shows. As well as interactive elements, you can also engage more senses than just sight and sound. By adding elements further than the visual you can create a multi-dimensional experience that resonates and stands out from the competition.

For example, Prime Super needed a cost-effective solution that would help them create a branded event experience right down to the smallest details. So, we created a custom-shaped coffee stencil. Every coffee that left their area carried their brand further. Consider bringing your branding into every detail, making every interaction at your booth or marquee a brand experience that lasts.

Events and trade shows offer a multitude of benefits that cannot be replicated online. From creating real on-brand experiences and building brand awareness to generating leads and fostering brand advocacy. Industry events and trade shows provide a unique opportunity for your brand to connect with your audience face-to-face and bring your brand to life. With real products to deliver unreal results, you’ll be able to make lasting impressions at scale at your next event.


Creative Campaigns and Promotions: Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

Creative Campaigns and Promotions:
Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments For Brands

a hand holding a bullhorn to symbolise campaigns and promotions.

Campaigns and promotions can be a game-changer for any brand. Not only do they generate immediate buzz and excitement, but they also help build brand awareness and loyalty in the long run. These marketing strategies create a sense of urgency that encourages your audience to take action. Moreover, campaigns and promotions provide an opportunity set your brand apart. So, whether it’s a limited-time offer or a creative on-brand experience, campaigns and promotions are a way to bring your brand to the forefront of your audiences’ mind.

Below, you’ll find out why campaigns and promotions are an essential marketing strategy for your brand. As well as how to win this key must-win moment.

What are Campaigns and Promotions?

Campaigns and promotions are marketing activities designed to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. This type of messaging has become more effective as marketers use tools that help them better understand their target audience. As a result, it can be difficult to make your brand voice heard. However, we at Impact know that creativity is the key to bringing your brand to life in your campaigns and promotions.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first-ever brand endorsement was in 1882, when London socialite and West End actress, Lillie Langtry endorsed Pears Soap?

Impact’s 8 Key Must-Win Moments

What are they?

Over our 20+ years of branding experience, we’ve learned that the most effective brands connect with their audience in key must-win moments. Now, these moments vary across industries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the eight most common.

  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Point of Sale Presence
  • Events and Tradeshows
  • Gift With Purchase
  • Educational Campaigns
  • Onboarding
  • Rewards
  • Calendar-Based Events

You may find that your brand focus is just one of the key moments. On the other hand, your brand might find the most success in three, or five, or all of these. Whichever it is, if you can bring your brand to life in these key must-win moments, you can make a meaningful connection with your audience.

Why are campaigns and promotions one of the key, must-win moments?

Campaigns and promotions are special marketing strategies that boost your brand. They give your efforts a focus and structure, which both contribute to your brand identity. A campaign that communicates on-brand helps your audience understand firstly, who you are; secondly, what you’re about; and finally, whether you’re a good fit.

Internally, the purpose of your campaigns and promotions should be clear. For example, your purpose could be to gain more followers, increase a particular product’s sales, or build your brand awareness in a target market. Additionally, your campaign or promotion has an end date when your results can be compiled and reported to determine its success.

Successful campaigns and promotions have similar elements. They are engaging copy, effective distribution, and real-world dimension in the form of branded merchandise.

“In digital marketing, email and social media campaigns have the highest ROI after SEO. Backed by campaign-specific giveaways, brands have seen 62% rise in brand awareness and almost 59% increase in online customer engagement.”

Win your campaigns and promotions with promotional products

Walk the walk

Consumers are looking for brands that they can trust and connect with. To build that trust, you must do what you say you’ll do. While ESG statements are common, it is the brands that deliver on their promises that increase their longevity and strengthen their brand.

When you develop campaigns and promotions, staying true to your brand values and ESG commitments conveys authenticity to your audience. It must be noted that it is the authenticity that resonates and encourages the relationship you’re looking for in a successful campaign or promotion. Therefore, if you can prove that you care about more than just the bottom line, your customers will feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Promotional products that support your environmental and social responsibility objectives are out there. The move toward sustainable branded merchandise is in full swing with recycled and biodegradable products easily available. Look for RPET apparel, headwear, device cases and bags, notebooks made from recycled milk cartons, wheat straw cups and containers, Kraft paper pens and backpacks. The variety is wide, and each product will tell your audience more of your authentic brand story.

See the need

Show that you understand your target audience by hitting the mark on what they need, as well as what they love. Practical products support your campaigns and promotions and make your brand go further for longer. Each use is an advertisement with the added bonus of fostering fond feelings. Why the appreciation, though? Because your branded product, and your brand, has saved the day. You’re the hero!

Useful products are the most effective. For example, branded outerwear, like jackets and jumpers, were the second-most purchased promotional product in 2020. Consumers also kept them for the longest period – 18+ months of consistent brand exposure.

Knowing what your clients need outside of your product or service offering and giving it to them will make your campaigns and promotions more successful. Don’t be limited by the most practical though. A hoodie may be nice, but a super-plush and over-sized hoodie is better and will become their favourite loungewear. A cute travel mug is good, but a double-walled vacuum insulated one is going to be what they bring to work.

Remember: Each use is an advertisement.

Create on-brand experiences.

Campaigns and promotions are often short-lived. Limited-time only and never-to-be-repeated offers mean that if you wait, you’ll miss it. Consequently, they are perfect opportunities to create and cash-in on consumer FOMO. They are also perfect opportunities to create memorable and engaging on-brand experiences.

Whatever the goals and content of your campaign your audience must connect and relate to your brand. You can achieve this with the above advice – authenticity and understanding your audience. You can then go further by adding interactive elements to your campaigns and promotions. Have your audience sign-up to complete a quiz and receive an exclusive gift based on their result. Alternatively, ask for a filmed review in exchange for your latest branded merchandise. Finally, your campaign might culminate in a once-in-a-lifetime event where the attendees get to take home a branded memento.

In all these examples, your campaigns and promotions come to life thanks to the power of promotional products. They speak to your audience in your brand voice and leave impressions that last far longer than the campaign or promotion itself. Each interaction with your piece of merchandise is a brand experience. Ensure it’s on-brand with our Right First Time Stress-Less Promotional Product Process.

Campaigns and promotions are a key must-win moment for brands. Communicating with your audience with these focused strategies increases brand awareness, generates leads, and drives sales. Targeted campaigns and promotions reach out to your clients and customers to communicate your brand values, building brand loyalty and establishing a positive relationship. 

Personalised and authentic campaigns and promotions show consumers that they’re seen and heard. Consider how your campaigns and promotions can use branded merchandise to engage with your audience on a more meaningful level. Add dimension to your marketing with products that reflect your brand values and resonate with clients and customers.


Are You Getting the Best Price?

Are you getting the best price for your promotional products?

A piggy bank surround by coins to show the best price.

We hear you. You want to know why you’re paying so much more for a product that you’ve seen on eBay or at the store for cheap. You want to know that when you buy through Impact, you’re getting the best price.

It’s great to browse physical shelves and get a feel for the product you want. Window shopping through actual windows is a fun part of the purchasing experience. Scrolling through the wild and whacky world of eBay is an awesome way to draw inspiration and find things you didn’t think possible or practical. At these places, while they can be cheaper, is the price actually better?

You get what you pay (or don’t pay) for

In most things in life, you can ask for a better price. However, the result might not be what you actually want. Think bargaining down on other things in life for example: building your new home, wedding, education, major surgery. In every case, if the investment is downgraded it is almost guaranteed the end result will be inferior.

The same applies in corporate gifts and branded merchandise. That is, if you drive down the price, you can watch the quality drop. This means the print scratches off, fades or doesn’t cover properly. Additionally, the service delivery may disappear as soon as the order is placed.

What you're missing out on

The cost of an item on eBay or in a store does not include:

  • Any customised decoration.
  • Artwork and production proofs that guarantee the look and feel you want.
  • Tried and tested quality from factories that we trust.
  • An account manager who will walk you through the order process and deal with any issues before, during or after production.
  • Any creative input from an experienced team who feel passionately about presenting your brand on the right promotional product.

Consultants with years of experience are the best people to partner with when you’re creating your promotional product marketing strategies. A consultant will consider the whole scope of your market, including target demographic, size of the market, outcomes required and successful past items in the industry and/or location. The impersonal nature of online shopping means that you won’t get this level of client care and industry knowledge with eBay or other virtual marketplaces.

When items are in store they are a part of the entire company’s stock that was purchased in bulk (we’re talking millions of units). The sheer amount of product purchased by stores means they actually paid very little per unit. Unless you’re looking for a similar number of products, a comparable cost per item just isn’t possible. Also, when you buy from the store, you very rarely get the best price they can offer until the product goes on sale. Until then you pay the unit cost plus a substantial markup.

Best quality > best price

It’s important to remember that promotional products represent your brand. Their quality and longevity makes an impression on your prospective clients and customers. 

While quality merchandise may not fit what you consider as inexpensive, it is an investment in your brand. Choosing the cheapest promotional product may give the impression that your brand is cheap or doesn’t value quality. This can impact how customers perceive your brand and affect their willingness to engage with your products or services. 

Finally, promotional products have the longest lifespan of any advertising strategies. Consumers will keep a promotional product for years if it has value. On the other hand, merchandise that you got for the “best price” may not last long, resulting in a shorter lifespan for your brand message. Investing in higher-quality products can ensure that your brand stays visible for a longer period. 

While eBay and in-store pricing looks appealing, it’s not indicative of the price of a product used as promotional merchandise. The best price for your promotional products may be higher but it gets you so much more than just the product. When we quote, we’re factoring in industry applicable markup as well as shipping, decoration costs and the cost of the product. Put all of these things together and you to get the best promotional products for the best price.